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Some Happy Clients

Some Happy Clients


“I was astonished by Chaco’s spiritual animal communication consultation abilities.  She was able to communicate with my dog remotely through only photos in hand.  Further, I was so moved by the outcome of the session. 


Chaco told me that my dog, Daisy, loves fluffy stuffed animal toys, but she also wants solid toys, such as silicone and rope.  Once I heard what Chaco had to say, I realized we have a lot of stuffed animal toys at home, but no solid toys and when Daisy often sees hard objects like wooden sticks, she loved playing with them.  Chaco also communicated with my cat, Mimi, and asked why Mimi didn’t get along with Daisy.  As a result, I was very pleased to know that Mimi doesn’t hate Daisy.  Mimi just wants to be left alone and I was relieved and happy to hear that. 


I am so grateful for Chaco for making me understand my pets from their point of view.” 

- Lydia, Shanghai 


“I wanted to know how my two cats who lived with my mother and passed away were feeling.  I also wanted to know how my current cat is feeling, so I decided to ask for a spiritual animal communication consulting session.  


The characteristics Chaco depicted of the cats were all spot on and both my mother and I were pleasantly surprised.  When she told us the two cats who had passed away were living happily, it made us emotional.  We sometimes make speculations, because humans are unable to communicate with pets through languages; and by hearing what my beloved cats had to say through Chaco made me realize how precious it was to be able to spend time with my cats.”

- Maiko, Tokyo

New York

“Chaco is very talented and skilled in communicating with animals.  She was able to communicate with my cat and let me know why he was feeling a bit lonely and hesitant around my husband who moved in less than a year ago.  Chaco also let me know what my cat’s likes and dislikes were, which helped me figure out the type of room and set-up he enjoyed the most in my apartment. 


Since Chaco’s review, I have been able to understand that my cat needs a little more attention and one on one time, and that my husband needs to approach my cat in a more respectful way in order for my cat to feel comfortable with him.  I’ve noticed a big difference in how my cat interacts with my husband and it’s for the better. 


Overall, Chaco answered a lot of questions I had about my cat and helped ease my mind!” 

- Kristin, New York ​

New York

”I was not allowed to see my beautiful English Spaniel, Rae, for many years, because I parted way with my ex.  I sincerely wanted to know how she was feeling since I left and I hoped she didn't think I had neglected her, so I decided to ask for Chaco’s help.  I toyed with the idea of animal communication in the past, but I never went for it, because I was skeptical.  Much to my surprise, when I received the outcome, it made me feel in peace.  


Chaco’s spiritual animal communication consulting session is without any arbitrary interpretation and / or prejudice, instead, she shared everything she saw and felt, which made it so easy for me to understand and to accept.


If you are someone who wants to understand your pet’s feelings or wants to solve a miscommunication, I highly recommend Chaco as your spiritual animal communication consultant.” 

- Yukiko, New York

Please note that I have permissions from the owners to share their experiences.

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