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About Me

Initially, I’ve embarked on the journey of becoming an animal communicator, because I sincerely wanted to be able to communicate with my beloved dog, Kobe.  During the process of becoming an animal communicator, I’ve studied the animal communication methods,  practiced connecting with numerous types of animals, and acquired the unique ability to communicate with them.  To be honest, I was skeptical at first, however, as I continued my animal communication training, I became able to intake dogs and cats’ messages through visual, smell, and other senses – That was an astonishing moment and it brought great joy to my heart. 

I lived in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Singapore before I moved to New York in 2015.  It’s been an incredible experience living in an environment with so much stimulation and diversity, as they provide me with lots of opportunities to become more “aware” of my senses on a daily basis.  

Although New York is full of different cultures and ethnicities, people’s feelings towards their beloved animals - wanting to ask questions and expressing love - are all the same. It really warms my heart to be the bridge between owners and their pets, especially when they are able to communicate with each other delightfully. 

In the recent years, many owners have adopted pets, and sadly, some of those pets have experienced some trauma in the past.  It warms my heart, as much as it does their owners, when I receive a message from the animal with immense appreciation that they are now living happily with their new parents.

My experience includes communicating with animals such as, dogs, cats, birds, horses, gorillas, and elephants; and I am able to communicate with other types of animals as well. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email, with any small questions or request you may have. 

What is ​

Spiritual Animal Communication


Spiritual animal communication is the means of information transference with animals, through feelings and intuition by connecting with their spirits.

It is essential to understand my spiritual animal communication is due to the mechanism of the right hemisphere of the brain. The right and left hemispheres of the brain have different functions – the right controls images, memories, imagination, and inspiration.  It is said that people with strong sensibilities and intuitions have a developed right hemisphere.  In contrast to the right, the left hemisphere of the brain is said to be responsible for language recognition, mathematical abilities, and logical thinking.  

In the Stone Age before formal linguistics existed in human society, humans used intuitions from the right hemisphere of the brain to communicate with each other.  However, once humans began to adopt linguistics, the left hemisphere of the brain became more active, and the function of the right hemisphere gradually deteriorated.

Animals without linguistic ability use this right hemisphere of the brain to communicate with each other intuitively, just like humans did during the ancient times. 

I, as a spiritual animal communicator, use this ability to consciously control the right hemisphere of the brain to communicate with animals, while intaking the feelings from the messages expressed by the animals, intuitively.  

What Does

Chaco Spiritual Animal Communication Consultant Do

My spiritual animal communication consultation offers services for pet owners or animal lovers who want to strengthen the relationships that they have with their own pets by understanding the feelings of animals and interpret them in a human way.  For instance, on behalf of you, I receive messages from the animals to answer the following example questions; why your beloved pet has no appetite lately, why it behaves differently than usual, what they want their owners to do more, and so on.  On the contrary, I can also tell your pet what you always wanted to express.

I can also correspond with animals that have already passed away. Even if the physical form of your beloved pet is gone, it is possible to have a spiritual conversation with their souls. 


Example 01

Example 02

Lucky (dog) had stopped relieving himself in the backyard and kept holding it in until it was time for his walk, even though he used to go in the backyard freely.  On behalf of the owner, I asked him why he held it in for so long, he answered, “I saw someone cleaning up after I went in the backyard, so I thought I wasn’t supposed to do that.”  I then communicated to him that he can relieve himself in the backyard just like he used to.  The owner contacted me a few days later expressing joy that Lucky started relieving himself in the backyard again. 

A pet owner, who had lost her cat Coco five years ago, had asked me to communicate with her beloved Coco.  The owner said she always felt guilty for not being able to say a proper goodbye to her, so I relayed the owner’s message to her.  I received a reply saying she wasn’t even aware of her own passing, and that she thought she was in a deep sleep state, and to please tell the owner there’s nothing to worry about.  Coco also added that she was grateful to the owner who raised her with so much love.

Above are a couple of examples on how my spiritual animal communication consultation aims to help owners connect with their beloved animals for a deeper understanding, and to help create the best environment for one another. 

Please Note

Spiritual animal communication consultation does NOT treat or diagnose any medical illness. 

The information received from animals is meant to be a reference point.  If your beloved animal seems to be having health issues or mental illness, I recommend you contacting a veterinarian. 

Spiritual animal communication consultation does NOT change immature behaviors of animals during their training period, such as, repeated voiding indoors and scratching/biting furniture. 


If animals are trying to send messages to owners by misbehaving, spiritual animal communication consultation may be able to interpret the misunderstanding and help solve the issue.


I respect the confidentiality of owners and animals. I will NOT disclose the contents of our session to others without the owner’s permission. 

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